Case Study - As Good As Grass

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Business Management Software

As Good As Grass Ltd are a multi-million pound limited company supplying astro turf and artificial grass to residential and corporate customers throughout the UK and Europe. The business was struggling to cope with the demand for their popular product and therefore enlisted the help of our system analyists. The challenge was write software that would help management, sales and warehousing departments cope with the growing workload.

Our Software Implementation

After three months, a complete bespoke business management system was introduced by AGT Systems. The key features are as follows:

  • SQL database server installation – centralised company data
  • Fast local user connections or secure remote access via internet
  • Business control panel with GUI (gaphical user interface)
  • Stock control – pick / dispatch / complete
  • Sales management – payments / profits / reports
  • General management – SMS mobile phone alerts / accounts reports / KPI’s
  • Leads and prospects – integrated with the company website
  • Automated marketing newsletters
  • Interactive calendar showing scheduled jobs

The CEO’s Opinion

“AGT Systems have vastly increased our sales capacity and increased efficiency across all departments. My collegues always said a paperless office cannot be achieved but we proved them wrong. Our new software generates all the information we need based on the criteria we specify. Brilliant work!”
- CEO, As Good As Grass Ltd.

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