Case Study - Lancs Car Store

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Vehicle Storage Management Software

AGT Web in association with Lancs Car Store have created a comprehensive software application for managing the vehicle storage process. The automotive industry has never given vehicle storage the attention it deserves and hence there is a deficiency with regards to software in this area.

About STAR

STAR is an acronym for “Software To Automate Running”. The application of STAR within any business will significanty improve chances of success. Simply read our business management systems overview and you will understand how this is true. AGT Systems are therefore proud to announce the first title in the STAR range; namely “STAR Storage Enterprise”.

Business Management Software Features

STAR Storage Enterprise contains the following features:

  • Save storage details for 100,000+ customers.
  • Manage sales progression: prospects > bookings > stored > paid > archived.
  • Store payment details to automatically generate invoices and accounts report.
  • Customise inventory categories into vehicles, boats, mobile homes etc.
  • Easily select your desired action from the application.

The following technical features are included in the software:

  • User friendly installation and simple but comprehensive documentation.
  • Effective graphical user interface for point and click.
  • Database driven to provide a centralised and efficient solution.
  • Free technical support (calls charged at local rate).
  • Remote access your data via internet (premium option).

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