Search Engine Marketing

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First place is yours. Knowledge is power and this is especially true regarding search engine marketing. AGT Web have undertaken empirical research in determining the key to success in SERPS (search engine result pages) and the mystery is finally unlocked. Welcome to the world of online marketing.

Search Engine Marketing Your Brand

Like any other form of marketing, search engine traffic may not be a viable avenue to increase your brand awareness. A successful campaign relies on the following formulae:

    • An existing product or service.
Because demand must be great enough to warrent marketing.
    • An existing ecommerce solution.
To allow users to purchase from your website.
    • Knowledge of your target audience.
What do people search for to find a particular product.
    • Knowledge of your conversion rate
What percent of visitors are likely to complete a purchase.

AGT Web can assist you in all these areas; simply tell us about the service you provide and we can direct traffic to your existing website using our specialised techniques. Most marketing models have an associated risk so it may be surprising when we inform you of our risk free search engine marketing solution.

Low Risk Marketing Strategy

Our strategy eliminates all but the most trivial elements of risk by proving all elements of the proposal before implementation begins. The following six point plan is always used by AGT Web on behalf of clients as a lead upto search engine marketing:

    1. Use our keyword selector tool.
- Determine high traffic searches that match your target audience.
    1. Use Google Adwords to find cost per click for each keyword.
- Sponsoring a Google advert is easy and costs from 5p per click.
    1. Justify your budget based on conversion rates.
How many clicks do you have to pay for until you make a sale.
    1. Relax while your assumptions are proven.
Leave your advert to run for a few days then evaulate its success.
    1. Modify your approach where necessary.
Successful adverts are noted and any shortcomings are redressed.
    1. Phase out Google Adwords by implementing search engine marketing.
AGT Web will target the same traffic for a fraction of the cost.

Think SEO, Think AGT